Music Box 24/04/2021

We start this Saturday with Courtney Love. No, not the singer with Hole and widow of Kurt Cobain, but the band Courtney Love, comprising Lois Maffeo and Pat Maley, and hailing from Olympia Washington. This is the delightful Sunny Day, from their debut single, the four track E.P. Uncrushworthy (K 7" 1990).

Next up, our yé-yé single of the week comes from Belgium born Dany Bury, who recorded under the mononym Delphine. This is her fourth single La Fermeture-éclair (Decca 7" 1967).

The Magic Plants were a New York garage band who only released one single, I Know She's waiting There (Verve 7" 1965). This is the B-side, I'm A Nothing.

Paul Vigrass was a late 60s British singer and songwriter, who normally worked with partner Gary Osborne. However, he did record four solo singles, and this is the last one, the appropriately named Stop (RCA 7" 1970).

We finish with a brace of dream pop in the style of early Wild Nothing. I know nothing about Lovesick except that they (?) came from Seattle Washington, and  briefly was available on Bandcamp. Someday, and then Run Away, from the three track E.P. Someday (self released 2020). Until next week ...