Music Box May 18th 2024

We start with Baltimore Maryland 60s garage band Bobby J & The Generations, and Lost in Time, compiled on Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go LP (Dome Records 1966). Boris Dzaneck were a minimal synth / post punk band from Utrecht, Netherlands. This is the track The Adjustment, from their mini-LP In His Own Words (self-released cassette Netherlands 1983, re-released by Danger Records France 2017) Françoise Hardy needs no introduction. This is All Because Of You (United Artists 7" 1970), from her English language LP One-Nine-Seven-Zero  (United Artists 1970) Penelope Isles ( website ), a Brighton based melodic indie pop-rock group. This is Bad Head, which opens their debut LP Comfortably Swell. Buy here    We conclude with  a brace from 60s/70s san Francisco legends Jefferson Airplane, and their two singles Somebody to Love (RCA 7” 1967) and White Rabbit (RCA 7” 1967), both from their second LP Surrealistic Pillow (RCA 1967). Until next week ...

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