Music Box 01/05/2021

Michèle Arnaud was born Micheline Caré and her career predated the yé-yé scene by a decade, she released fifty singles & E.P.s from 1953 to 1970. This is her solo version of the Serge Gainsbourg song Les Papillons Noirs (they had sang it also as a duet) from the four track Les Papillons Noirs E.P. (Pathé 7” 1966). Magnifique.
Kate were a British group who released three singles for CBS in the late 60s. This is the first, the hauntingly beautiful Strange Girl (CBS 7” 1968), which was Radio 1 DJ Tony Blackburn‘s single of the week, but we won’t hold that against them.
A change of style next with Mellow Diamond, the pseudonym for American cellist, singer & composer Janel Leppin, based in Washington D.C..This is the mesmeric Ashes To Breathe, from her sole album under that name, American God (Wedderburn Records 2017); an astonishing album. Buy here.
The Mod 4 were an all-wimmin professional quartet from Aledo Illinois who recorded their first record aged 15 and toured the States nationally. This is their excellent second single Open Up Your Mind (Fredlo 7” 1968), raw garage rock done in one take in a local studio, the solo is  a bit sloppy and there’s a missed note causing a brief drop in tempo halfway through, but it adds to rather than detracts from the charm.
Jason Isbell is a new alt-country U.S. singer/songwriter, and we finish with a brace of excellent tunes. The lyrically inspired 24 Frames, and then Children of Children, from his third solo album Something More Than Free (Southeastern Records 2015). Buy hereHope you like this week’s music box. Until next week …