Music Box 22/05/2021

This Saturday let's start with some soul, sisters, and Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron and the Mean Machine with You're The Only One (C.R.S. Records 7"c.1969). Buy here.
Bobkat '65 are a modern revivalist garage rock from Gijón, Asturia, Spain. This is Time's Not On My Side, from their second album Back Off Me (Get Hip Recordings 2019). Buy here.
The Church Mice were an experimental American proto-punk garage band, based in Rochester, New York. Formed in 1965, a kind of early Velvet Underground. They only released one single, and this is it. College Psychology On Love (House of Guitars Recordings 7" 1965).
Nimbo -were a British pop trio of the early 70s who only released two singles. This is the first, Maisie Jones (Pye 7" 1971). Enjoy!
We conclude with a brace from yé-yé French model, actress and singer, real name Danièle Ciarlet, and these are Demain, from the four track E.P. Petit Garçon (Vogue 7" 1967) and her debut single Il Est Parti Comme Il Etait Venu (Vogue 7" 1966). Until next week ...