Space Precinct: Illegal

Space Precinct: Episode 11 Illegal
Tildon (Tony Haygarth) is an illegal immigrant who fights in mortal combat, to-the-death fight matches. Escaping, he saves the life of Lt Brogan. He asks Brogan's help to find his son, held captive by the fight promoter. Meanwhile, Immigration want to deport him. There's also a sub-plot where Officer Romek shows his grandfather round the Precinct.
Yep, yet another derivative cop plot, here illegal fight clubs, this time to the death (but aren't they always?). Solidly told, but again curiously unengaging. The sub-plot adds nothing, and to top it all we have some unfunny romantic banter between Haldane and Castle. On the plus side, we get to see Simone Bendix dressed to the nines when they go undercover at the fight. On the negative side, a clichéd ending to yet another clichéd script, and no real Sci-Fi element.