Space Precinct: Takeover

Space Precinct: Episode 14 Takeover
Brogan and Haldane are under investigation by Internal Affairs for murder after a cruiser chase ends in a shooting and the death of the criminal. Things start to get wrong when witnesses start changing their original statements supporting the pair, most damningly Castle, who was in the chase. This puts the officers' reliability as prosecution witnesses in a case against crime boss Vanus Olverais into question. Meanwhile, robot Slomo, the only one with an unalterable memory, is mysteriously put out of action by a system virus. 
Brogan and Haldane are under investigation by Internal Affairs. What, again!? Weren't they under suspension a fortnight ago? This is one of those incredulous stories where people act out of character and commit cold-blooded murder, completely against type, and the witness evidence confirms this, and everyone believes it, even friends and colleagues! Remember that Star Trek story "Court Martial"?  Nobody would believe Brogan capable of cold-blooded murder. 
The story is predictable, with only the method of memory alteration a mystery. The sabotage of Slomo is no mystery. A well acted and told if perfunctory story. Of the two guest stars, Maryam D'Abo looks oddly ill and is vapid, whilst the ever reliable character actor Clive Merrison as a shyster lawyer is good if criminally under-used, even managing a convincingly obligatory American accent.
The sub-plot between cops Orrin and Romek is so dull I can't even be bothered to mention it. On the plus side, Pinewood is for once used as someone in the production department found the money and space for  a decent court set. There's  a nice touch with the Shakespeare contest between Slomo and technician Carson (Joseph Rydell), both introduced for the first time here. Hopefully, the producers will develop this. Anything has to better than Brogan's family!