Music Box 05/06/2021

We start this Saturday with a real rarity. I know nothing about band Almond Marzipan except they released two singles. This is the B-side, Summer Love, to their second and last, Open Up Your Heart (Trend 7" 1970), released only here and in Portugal and Scandinavia. 
Christopher (aka Christopher Neil)  released only one single on the Chapter 1 label, Sharkey (Chapter 1 7" 1970). This is the B-side, The Race.
Next up, a gorgeous album track from Fleetwood Mac, the Lindsey Buckingham composition Bleed To Love Her, from their 17th studio album Say You Will ( Reprise 2003). Fantastic.
Our yé-yé single of the week comes from Christie Laume (website), sister-in-law to famous French chanteuse Edith Piaf. This is the wonderful Rouge, Rouge, from the four track E.P. Pas De Nouvelles (Odeon 7" 1967).
Jess Williamson is a Texas born but L.A. based singer-songwriter, who released one of the best albums of 2018 with her third LP Cosmic Wink (Mexican Summer 2018). From it we conclude with the official videos for I See The White, and then Wild Rain. Buy here. Until next week ...