Music Box 19/06/2021

We start this Saturday with yé-yé singer Nicole Legendre, and this is Tu Veux Tout Changer, from her fourth single, the four track E.P. Dans Les Rues De Londres (Columbia 7" 1967).

The Matchmakers were a British pop band from the late 60s who released seven singles a  done (1970) LP. This is their third, Lovers' Congregation (Chapter 1 7" 1970), with its intriguing religious lyrics.

David Reilly was a songwriter, arranger and producer, son of Canadian classical harmonica player Thomas Reilly, with whom he recorded his first LP. This is his debut solo single Nothing Else To Say (RCA Victor 7" 1969), recorded while still at University.

Next up, American singer Gary Wright. who played all the (keyboard) instruments (drums by Jim Keltner)- on his U.S.  hit single Dream Weaver (Warner Bros. 7" 1975), from his third album The Dream Weaver (Warner Bros. 1975).

We conclude with modern artist, Asheville North Carolina's Mathew Lee Cothran, and two tracks, America Forever, then Cherry High, from his debut LP under his own name, Judas Hung Himself in America (Joy Void 2017). Buy here. He's also recorded under pseudonyms Coma Cinema, Elvis Depressedly, and Teen Porn. Enjoy. Until next week ...