Music Box 03/07/2021

Our yé-yé single of the week comes from the original French sex kitten herself, Brigitte Bardot, so famous in the 50s & 60s she was simply known by her initials BB. Along with acting and modelling, she also had a brief singing career. This is Nue Au Soleil (Barclay 7" 1970). J'espère que vous aimez.
Episode Six were a pop group formed in Harrow in 1965 by later Deep Purple members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. they released ten singles in their lifetime, sadly none of them charted. This is the Gentlemen of the Park, recorded in 1968, and released on the split soundtrack LP Les Bicyclettes De Belsize / Twisted Nerve (Polydor 1969).
J Mascis is an American alternative rock musician most famous for being the singer, guitarist and main songwriter for Dinosaur, Jr. as well as a successful solo career. In 2013 however he released a rare cover version, a superb rendition of the 1993 Mazzy Star classic Fade Into You (U.S. Keep 7" 2013, U.K./Europe: Sub Pop 7" 2014). Buy here.
West Coast Consortium were a British band who released two pop singles for Pye Records before becoming Consortium, who had a hit single in 1968 with All The Love In The World (Pye 7" 1968). This is the unreleased Copper Coloured Years, from 1968.
We conclude with two John Peel Session tracks by New Order and Joy Division, where they present radically different and interesting versions of songs later rereleased. First we have We All Stand from 1982, later released on their second LP Power, Corruption & Lies (Factory 1983 cat no. FACT75). Here it's a piano based piece, showing a slight influence from The Doors (normally they were Velvets inspired). The we conclude with Joy Division's 1979 version of their most famous song, Love Will Tear Us Apart (Factory 7" 1980 cat no. FAC23). There's been numerous awful remixes of this after 1980, but this shows how to reinterpret the song in a new but dynamic way. Both sessions can be found on albums released by Strange Fruit Records. Until next week ...