Music Box 10/07/2021

We start today with Italian film composer Stelvio Cipriani, and his haunting Mary's Theme, from the soundtrack album for the film Femina Ridens (Italy: CAM 1969), though it was re-released in 2008 in France and Italy.
Our yé-yé single of the week comes from Belgian-born Delphine, and the brilliant sitar drenched Les Prisons de Sa Majesté, the B-side to her third single Première Partout (Decca 7" 1967). C'est magnifique.
I know nothing about British pop singer Marc Reid except that he released only three singles in his lifetime, starting with a cover of The Beatles song For No One. This is My World Turns Around You, the B-side of his last single The Magic Book (CBS 7" 1967).
Tom Petty needs no introduction, and this is the official video for his excellent single Free Fallin' (MCA all formats 1989), from his debut solo album Full Moon Fever (MCA 1989). 
We conclude with a brace from a modern artist. Julie Byrne was born in Buffalo, New York, is a singer-songwriter who currently lives in New York, NY. Here are Natural Blue, and Sleepwalker, from her third album Not Even Happiness (Basin Rock 2017). Hope you like them. Buy here. Until next week ...