Music Box 04/09/2021

The Contemporaries hailed from Wilmington, Delaware, and only released on single, Fool For Temptation (Richie 7” 1966).
Los Punsetes hail from Madrid Spain, and this is the excellent post-punk Mabuse, from their fifth LP ¡Viva! (Mushroom Pillow 2017).
The Quiet World Of Lea & John were originally called Quiet World,an English band formed by the Heather Brothers in 1969 to record their concept album "The Road", which included Steve Hackett, later of Genesis. The brothers continued under the full name, and this is the quite delightful There Is A Mountain, the B-side to their debut single Miss Whittington (Dawn 7” 1969)
The Raveonettes are a Danish rock 'n' roll duo consisting of Sune Rose Wagner (on guitar, instrumentation and male vocals) and Sharin Foo (on bass and female vocals). Their music is characterized by close two-part vocal harmonies, coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise. This is Recharge & Revolt, from their fifth studio album Raven in the Grave (Vice Records 2011). 
We conclude with a couple of classics from The Steve Miller Band. First, The Joker (Capitol 7” 1973), from the album of the same name, then Abracadabra (Capitol 7”/12” 1982), also from the album of the same name. Both were U.S. number ones, and deservedly so. Until next week …