Music Box 02/10/2021

The Cobras were a U.S. garage band formed in Danville, Illinois in the mid-1960’s by teenagers. They released only one single 'Try / Good Bye'. This is Try (Milky Way Records 7" 1966).
"Theme from A Summer Place" is a song with lyrics by Mack Discant and music by Max Steiner, written for the 1959 film A Summer Place, which starred Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. It was recorded for the film as an instrumental by Hugo Winterhalter. This is the most famous version, by Percy Faith & His Orchestra (Columbia 7" 1959),  that was a Number One hit for nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1960.
Ghost Boy is a nom de musique for guitar, bass, vocals, drums & keyboards multi-instrumentalist Miles McLaughlin. This is the dream pop of Cascade, from his second LP Venus (self released digital 2017). Buy here
Shy Limbs came from Bournemouth, and featured future prog-rockers Andy McCulloch (King Crimson), Greg Lake (ELP and also King Crimson). lake and John Dickenson had previously been in band The Shame. Shy Limbs only released two singles, and this is the first,  Reputation (CBS 7" 1969).
We conclude with a double-bill from English actress and French yé-yé singer, Gillian Hills. Though released in France, these were recorded in English, both sides of the single Tomorrow Is Another Day/Look At Them (Vogue 7" 1965). Until next week ...