Music Box 23/10/2021

The Beatstalkers were a Glasgow beat group formed in the 1962. They were sometimes billed as "the Scottish Beatles", and like other Scottish beat groups The Poets, The Athenians and The Pathfinders, specialised in covers of US hits. They released eight singles from 1965 but sadly never got to release an album. Our psyche-pop hit of 1969 is their last single, Little Boy (CBS 7” 1969).
Greetings From Data Lake are a modern act from Baltimore Maryland, and this is their first offering, the excellent experimental Home Sweet Home (self-released digital single 2020). Buyhere
The Maps (see here) were a Boston Massachusetts band noted for being the first act of Judy Grunwald, who later formed the little known but excellent U.S. indie rock band Salem 66, one of my favourite acts of the late 80s. The Maps only released one single, and this is it, I'm Talking To You (Not On Label 7” 1979). Fantastic!
John Colley alias "Stormy" had a pretty long career in the local Chicago Illinois scene. After his first record as Stormy was issued, he produced a few sessions on other people, including “Psychedelic Soul” for Saxie Russell and a few tracks on El Anthony (formerly of The Passions). He formed the group The Lost Family and issued a single 45, “Pretty Face” backed with “Blow Your Mind”. This is his debut as Stormy, The Devastator (Twinnight 7" 1967). Funky.
We conclude with a brace of excellent B-sides from 90s Britpop group Sleeper. First, the great Velvet Underground inspired instrumental Close, featured only on the 12” and CD versions of the single Vegas (Indolent 1995), and then we conclude with a favourite of mine. Their beautiful but sad last original track, What Do I Get?, from the CD version of their last (non-remix) single Romeo Me (Indolent 1997). Great lyrics and vocals by Louise Wener. Until next week …