Music Box 30/10/2021

Frank Black was the lead vocalist and songwriter for cult indie rock band Pixies, who then went on to a solo career. This is his single, Headache (4AD 7"/10"/CD) from his second album, the double LP Teenager of the Year (4AD 1994).
Rachel Kiel (website) is a modern songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Carrboro North Carolina. This is the excellent Shot From A Cannon, the title track of third LP Shot From A Cannon (self released 2017). Buy here.
The Monkees' single Porpoise Song (Colgems 7" 1968) was subtitled Theme From "Head", their sole film excursion into film, written and produced by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson, directed by Rafelson, in 1968. Pysche-pop masterpiece. Enjoy.
The Montanas were an English 1960s and 1970s pop rock band from Wolverhampton, England. Though they never found significant success in their home country, they had one moderate hit in the United States. This is their twelfth single, which gives you some idea of their longevity, Roundabout ( Pye 7" 1969), our U.K. pop-psyche gem from 1969.
We conclude with the great film composer Bernard Herrmann, and two of his best themes for Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo (1958), and then we  finish with Marnie (1964). I love both of these films, helped by fantastic scores by Herrmann, which I adore. He scored all of Hitch's movies from 1955-1964, and his debut score was for Citizen Kane (1941) no less! Enjoy. Until next week ...