Music Box 22/01/2022

We start today with an all-time classic, one of the greatest love songs ever written, Gordon Lightfoot and If You Could Read My Mind (Reprise 7” 1970), also from the 1970 LP of the same name. Great melody and structure.
I know nothing about Tommy Maris except he sometimes recorded under the alias Tommy Lane, and that his single Guess I'll Never (X-pert 7” 1971) is fantastic. Enjoy.
Our 1969 UK pop-psyche rarity this week comes from Birmingham band The Move, headed by future Wizzard and ELO frontman Roy Wood. This is This Time Tomorrow, the B-side of Curly (Regal Zonophone 7” 1969).
Ozean was a Northern California band inspired by the sonic propulsion and ethereal song writing of British 90sa shoegazers Lush and Ride, as evidenced on Scenic, from Ozean (self-released cassette 1993), re-released on vinyl by Moon Sound Records in 2017. Buy here.
Fog Lake is the musical alias of Canadian singer-songwriter Aaron Powell from Glovertown, Newfoundland. First, It Was Never Enough, from second LP Virgo Indigo (Orchid Tapes 2014), then we conclude with Novocaine, from his fourth album Dragonchaser (Orchid Tapes 2017). Until next week …