Music Box 05/02/2022

Blue Sandalwood Soap hailed from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, one of relatively few '60s psychedelic groups from the region. They issued just one single, "Friends I Haven't Yet Met" / "Love !pirT" (sic) (Aesop’s Label 7” 1968). The 45 plus a good deal of unreleased material from the time appears on the CD: Loring Park Love-Ins. This is Friends I Haven't Met Yet,
Murray Head is an English actor and singer, born 5 March 1946 in London, England, most recognized for his hit song, "One Night in Bangkok", and the film Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971). Brother of Buffy’s Anthony Head. This is his best song, the self-penned Say it Ain't So Joe (Island 7”1975), also featured on his second LP of the same name.
Our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969 comes from cult late 60s group The Sorrows.  This is the originally unreleased Dogs And Cats, an outtake from their second LP Old Sons, New Songs (Miura 1969), originally only released in Italy, but finding a UK release in 2009 as  a double CD, this track on the second CD of demos and outtakes.
TERR, real name Daniela Caldellas, is a Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer. One of the brains behind Clash Lion label. This is the gorgeous Energy Sync (Phantasy Sound 12”/digital 2019). Buy here.
As promised last week, we conclude with a brace of excellent songs from Baltimore Maryland’s finest, Wye Oak, one of my favourite modern bands. First, Replacement, then we conclude with Sinking Ship, both from their outtakes LP  Cut All the Wires: 2009–2011 (Merge 2021). Amazing to think these songs were originally shelved. Until next week …