Music Box 12/02/2022

We start with a classic from Manchester band The Hollies, Parlophone’s second bestselling artist after the Beatles, and their original number On A Carousel (Parlophone 7” 1967). It charted well, 4 in UK, 7 in Canada, and 11 in the US.
Next up, something modern. Negative Gemini is Los Angeles songwriter, singer, and producer Lindsey French known for her contemporary take on electronic indie and her experimentation between genres. This is the wonderful Bad Baby, from mini-LP Bad Baby (100% Electronica all formats 2018).
Now a classic cover from the 70s. Prelude were an English based vocal folk trio, which in its most famous line-up consisted of Brian Hume (vocals, guitar), his wife Irene Hume (vocals) and Ian Vardy (guitars, vocals). They formed in their native Gateshead in 1970. From their debut LP came their hit version of the Neil Young song After the Goldrush (Dawn 7” 1973). Reached Nos 21 and 22 in the UK and US charts respectively. 
Our UK 1969 pop-psyche gem this week comes from Pussy.  Formed in the mid-1960s in Hertfordshire, UK, by drummer Steve Townsend, singer Dek Boyce and bassist Jez Turner. Initially they were called The Creepers but when the psychedelic era came along, they became We Shake Milk. After one album as Pussy they changed name to Twilly. This is the dynamically interesting We Built The Sun, from their sole LP Pussy Plays (Morgan Blue Town 1969).
We finish with Canadian born artist Haley Bonar (, who now performs simply as Haley. Heaven's Made For Two, then the official video for Last War, from her seventh album Last War (US: Graveface records/UK: Memphis Industries 2014). Until next week …