Music Box 23/04/2022

We start with Peter Gabriel’s eerie, downright creepy, sonically amazing Intruder, from his third solo LP Peter Gabriel, aka PG III or Melt (Charisma 1980). Next week, I’ll feature a couple from this excellent classic LP.
The Orange Machine (see) formed 1967 in Dublin, Ireland, and only released two singles. This is Dr Crippen’s Waiting Room, the B-side of their second and last single You Can All Join In (Pye 7” 1969).
Next up, retro psyche from The Uplifting Bell Ends, from Sydney Australia. The Artificial Satellite and the Destruction of Humanity, from Super Giant & World Music Oddities  (Third Eye Stimuli Records 2020). Buy here.
Zager And Evans were a rock-pop duo from Lincoln, Nebraska of the late 1960s and early 1970s named after its two members, Danny Zager and Rick Evans. They are best known for their 1968 #1 hit single In the Year 2525 (RCA 7” 1969), which earned them one-hit wonder status. 
We conclude with The Rolling Stones, and the official lyric videos for Ruby Tuesday, released as a double A-side with Let’s Spend The Night Together (Decca 7” 1967), and the contemporaneous She Smiled Sweetly, from their fifth UK LP Between the Buttons (Decca 1967). Brilliant songs. Until next week …