Music Box 30/04/2022

Fleur De Lys were a British band originally formed in late 1964, in Southampton. They recorded singles beginning in 1965 in the transitional Beat to psychedelic music genre, later known as freakbeat. The band had varied line-ups; only drummer Keith Guster was a member throughout their history. The band disbanded in 1969, but in their time released seven singles, though they failed commercially so were never offered an album deal. Now they’re highly regarded. This is their finale, the brilliant Liar (Atlantic 7” 1969), our pop-psyche gem from 1969 UK.
Scott McKenzie was an American singer, born 10 January 1939 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA, famous for his generational hit single San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) (Ode Records 7” 1967), written by Mamas & Papas songwriter John Phillips. Reached No.4 in its native US but was a UK No.1. Enjoy.
Next up, one of my favourite modern bands, Quilt, originally hailing from Boston Mass. This is their excellent single Arctic Shark (Mexican Summer 7” 2013), which also opens their classic second album Held In Splendor (Mexican Summer 2014). If you haven’t heard it, go and check it out immediately. You won’t be disappointed.
Spent was an underrated indie rock band from Jersey City, New jersey, and this is Brewster Station, which opens their debut LP Songs Of Drinking And Rebellion (Merge 1995). Buy here.
As promised last week, we conclude with a brace from Peter Gabriel. Through The Wire, featuring Paul Weller on guitar, and the haunting Lead A Normal Life, both from his third solo LP Peter Gabriel, aka PG III or Melt (Charisma 1980). Until next week ...