Music Box 13/08/2022

The Attack were a fondly remembered band from London (1966-68), and this is Hi Ho Silver Lining (Decca 7” 1967), which suffered from the contemporary Top 10 hit by Jeff Beck. This is a damn good version though.
Elvis Depressedly is a lo-fi indie-pop band from Asheville, North Carolina, and this is Pepsi/Coke Suicide, from their maxi-E.P. Holo Pleasures (Birdtapes 7” 2013).
Hearteyes hails from Sydney, Australia, and this is ELECTROBOY (featuring Jordon Alexander), from his second album Headbangers 2 (Coalesce digital 2021), buy here.
Next, our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969. Trader Horne was a British folk duo, 1969 to 1970, consisting of Judy Dyble (ex-Fairport Convention) and Jackie McAuley (ex Van Morrison’s Them). This is Morning Way, the title title track from their sole LP Morning Way (Dawn 1970).

We conclude with a brace of official videos for Australia/New Zealand band Crowded House (website), both from their third LP Woodface (Capitol 1991). First, the hauntingly beautiful Fall At Your Feet (Capitol all formats 1991), and then the all-time classic Weather With You (Capitol all formats 1991). Until next week …