Music Box 20/08/2022

First, our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969. Jason Crest hailed from Tonbridge Kent. Originally known as The Good Thing Brigade, they changed their name to Jason Crest when they signed a recording contract with Philips in 1968 as a psychedelic pop group and released five singles, all sadly commercially unsuccessful. Changed their name to High Broom in the spring of 1970. This is Black Mass, the B-side of their last single Place In The Sun (Philips 7” 1969).
The Lovin' were formerly known as Mark Faine And The Fountains, they changed their name to The Children when joined by Rob Duffy. They signed to Page One Records in 1967. Larry Page (Page One Records) insisted on a name change and liked The Lovin’. As The Lovin' they made their record debut with "Keep on Believin'". One other record followed before they changed their name again, this time to The Nerve. This is their second single, All You've Got (Page One 7” 1967).
SALES (stylized in all caps) is an American guitar-based indie pop band from Orlando, Florida. The band's members are musicians Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. This is Pope Is A Rock Star, from their debut LP SALES (self released 2016).
Ugly Shadows were a dark punk band from Istanbul, formed in 2014 disbanded in 2017. This is Breeze, from their single Ugly Shadows E.P. (Turkey: self-released/Greece: Dark Liquid 7” 2015). Buy here.
We conclude with a brace of brilliant Bob Dylan tracks from his classic sixth LP Highway 61 Revisited (CBS 1965), first Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, and then Queen Jane Approximately. Sheer brilliance. Until next week …