Music of the Month (July 2022)

This year, at the end of the month, I’ll post the best new music from that month. So from July we have ...

Akusmi - Fleeting Future  Buy here
James Alexander Bright - Drink This Water  Buy here
Fime - White Collar Gold  Buy here
Flyying Colours - Running Late  Buy here
Gwenno - An Stevel Nowydh  Buy here
Human Barbie - no worries  Buy here
Leathered - Hours  Buy here
Megamall - Two Faced  Buy here
(this track from 03:21)
Nyamekye Junction - GMT  Buy here
Pine Barons - ナイトクルージング / Night Cruising  Buy here
Macie Stewart feat. Sen Morimoto - Garter Snake  Buy here