Music Box 10th September 2022

We start today with Samuel Beam (born July 26, 1974), better known by his stage and recording name Iron & Wine, an American singer-songwriter. This is Waves Of Galveston (Sub Pop CD 2018), from his six-track maxi-E.P. Weed Garden (Sub Pop 2018).
Our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969 comes from The Orange Bicycle. Originally known as Robb Storme And The Whispers, Orange Bicycle was an English psychedelic pop band, which existed between 1967 and 1971. The band played a style influenced by The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the hippie counter culture. Previously, they acted as support, and backing band for the duo Paul and Barry Ryan as well as completing sessions for other vocalists, recording over 100 BBC Radio One sessions and appearing on UK TV. In 1970, the band released their first LP entitled The Orange Bicycle but the psychedelic style was considered too late on the scenes. The band broke up in 1971. This is Last Cloud Home, the B-side to their single Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Parlophone 7” 1969).
Jean-Jacques Perrey (born 20 January 1929, Amiens, France - died 4 November, 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland) was a French electronic musician, composer and an early pioneer in the electronic music genre. This is E.V.A. (Vanguard 12” 1997), originally from his LP Moog Indigo (Vanguard 1970).
Sky Diving Penguins hail from Tbilisi, Georgia, they forge a sound that takes in the likes of The Beatles, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Low & Ween. This is  About One Hermit, from their LP Sky Diving penguins (self-released 2021). Hope you like it. Buy here.
We conclude with a brace from Boston Mass 80s/90s indie rock band Salem 66. We have the brilliant Pony Song (“I could love my murderer but I could never love yours”) and then the excellent Sleep On Flowers, both from their debut release, the six-track mini-LP Salem 66 (Homestead records 1984). Fantastic, but sadly an unrecognised and underrated band. Well, not here. Until next week …