Music Box 8th October 2022

Our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969 comes from Andromeda, an English psychedelic rock group, that formed in 1966. However, soon after formation, the band changed line up, and led by John Du Cann a new line up recorded their eponymous album in 1969 with backing vocals by Eddie Dyche. The group split upon Du Cann's departure to join Atomic Rooster in 1970.This is Day Of The Change, from their sole LP Andromeda (RCA 1969).
Next up, William Doyle (website) with The Unanswered Why, from his Alternate Lands E.P. (self-released digital 2021). Buy here.
Next up, French popster France Gall, with La Vieille Fille, from her Dady Da Da E.P. (Philips 7” 1967). 
Next up, more Gallic charm with Minimatic’s cover of The Final Countdown (The Bossa Nova Cover) featuring Juliette P. on vocals, from the 80s Hits Gone Bossa Nova E.P. (Tour Eiffel Records digital 2002) Buy here.
We conclude with a double-bill from 90s U.S. indie rock band Versus. First, Invisible Love, from their  Ex Nihilo E.P. (Ernest Jenning Record Co. 12”/digital 2019), then we finish with the beautiful Nothing But U, from their most recent album, Ex Voto (Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2019). Buy here. Until next week …