Music Box 22nd October 2022

Angelo De Augustine writes and records music in Thousand Oaks, California -- a suburb north of Los Angeles, where he grew up. This is How Past Begins (self-released digital single 2015), also found on his debut LP Spirals Of Silence (self-released digital album 2014), buy here.
Our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969 comes from Irish band Homer’s Knods, and the B-side Mr Rainbow to their sole release, the single All She Said Was Goodbye (Pye 7” 1969), though three years later they appeared backing Liam Lynch on his sole single and release.
Next up, Northern Soulsters Main Change and Sunshine Is Her Way, the B-side to their sole release, the single Life (Nebula 7” 1972), buy here.
Some Gallic versifying now with Sheila, born Annie Chancel, with Les Rois Mages (Disques Carrere 7” 1971). 
We conclude with one of the albums of the year with Automatic, a three-piece all-wimmin alternative band from Los Angeles. First, Skyscraper, and then Turn Away, from their second LP Excess (Stones Throw records 2022). Buy here. Until next week ...