Music Box 10th December 2022

We start today with the new official video for The Beatles I'm Only Sleeping, from the remixed and expanded 2022 reissue of their classic seventh U.K. LP Revolver (Parlophone 1966). Brilliant video for a timeless song. 
Our UK pop-psyche gem from 1969 comes from Eyes Of Blue, who evolved during the mid-sixties from covers and R&B band The Mustangs, based in Neath, Wales, UK. This is Little Bird, from their second and last LP In Fields Of Ardath (Mercury 1969).
Next up, a classic from New Order. This is the lyric video for the LP (and best) version of Sub-Culture, taken from their classic third LP Low-Life (Factory 1985 cat no. FACT100).
Now for something modern. Sourmilk are an alternative rock / indie pop band from Bali, Indonesia formed in 2022. This is their debut release Sick Girl (self-released digital 2022). Buy here.
We conclude with Irish singer/songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances, who released one of the albums of the year, Protector (Partisan 2022), to follow her classic debut Land Of No Junction (2020), one of my favourites, and one of the best albums of its year.  Here are This Still Life, and then Day Out of Time. Bain taitneamh as. Go dt√≠ an tseachtain seo chugain. Enjoy. Until next week …