Music Box 14th January 2023

We start today with the American band called Black Tambourine, and the wonderful indie-punk of- Throw Aggi Off the Bridge (Audrey’s Diary 7” 1992), reminiscent of The Wedding Present in their 80s heyday. Also released on their second LP Black Tambourine (Slumberland 2010), buy here.
Next up, a 60s garage classic from The Other Half, a San Francisco psychedelic group active in the mid-1960s. This is their debut single Mr Pharmacist (GNP Crescendo 7” 1966), famously covered by The Fall.
Our U.K. pysche-pop tune from 1969 comes from Chelsea group Five’s Company (website) which featured original Fleetwood Mac bassist Bob Brunning. This is The School Boy, from their sole LP release The Ballad Of Fred The Pixie (Saga 1969). It was album titles like this that provoked punk’s revolt.
Yowler is the pseudonym for Philadelphia Pennsylvania artist Maryn Jones, and this is Water, from her debut LP The Offer (Double Whammy 2015).
We conclude with a double-bill from one of the best albums of 2022. Julia Jacklin (website) is an Australian singer-songwriter born 30 August 1990. Originally from the Blue Mountains and now based in Sydney. From her third LP Pre Pleasure we have the official video for I Was Neon, and then conclude with my favourite song of last year, the beautiful Leonard Cohen-type ballad End Of A Friendship. Sheer delight. Buy here or on her website. Until next week …