Music Box 21st January 2023

We start today with All Girl Summer Fun Band (website), an indie pop band from Portland Oregon. This is Becky, from their second album 2 (K 2003).  Buy here.
Next up, The Bodines, a British indie rock band from Glossop, near Manchester, England. Active from 1985-1990. This is The Back Door, from their sole LP Played (Magnet 1987). 
Our U.K. pysche-pop tune from 1969 comes from Davey Payne & The Medium Wave Band and Looking Towards The Sky, the B-side to their debut single A Walk In The Sunshine (Ember 7” 1969).
I know nothing about You'll Never Get To Heaven (website) except that they’re a duo. This is Caught in A Time, So Far Away, from their six-track maxi-E.P. Adorn (Mystic Roses casse/Psychic Handshake 12” 2014).
We conclude with a double-bill from French yé-yé pop princess France Gall, and Rue De L'Abricot (Philips 7” 1969), then we conclude with Bonsoir John-John (Philips 7” 1966). Until next week …