Music Box 11th February 2023

Rachel Aggs plays guitar and sings in Shopping, Sacred Paws and Trash Kit. This is the excellent Exuberance, from Tape 1 (self-released case/digital 2020). Buy here.
Our U.K. pysche-pop tune from 1969 comes from Taxi (website), a Northern Ireland prog-rock group. This is Counting Time My Way, one of only two tracks they ever released, from the Irish compilation LP Paddy Is Dead And The Kids Know It (Golden Guinea 1969).
Tiny Little Houses are an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2014. This is Lonely People, from their E.P. Snow Globe (Ivy League Records CD 2014).
The Wheels were a 60s R&B and blues-influenced rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who came from the same music scene that produced the better-known band, Them. They released three singles in their time, and this is the second, Bad Little Woman (Columbia 7” 1966). Enjoy.
We conclude with the official promotional films for the 65th anniversary (on Monday) of perhaps the most influential, if not greatest, double A-side single of all time, Strawberry Fields Forever c/w Penny Lane (Parlophone 7” 1967) by The Beatles. Excellent. Until next week …