Music Box 18th March 2023

We start with one of the 50s rock ‘n’ roll pioneers with the British Billy Fury, an English singer and songwriter, born 17 April 1941 in Liverpool, England, UK, and active from 1959 right up until his death in 1983 This is What Do You Think You're Doing Of, the B-side to his single Like I've Never Been Gone (Decca 7” 1963).
Lovely Bad Things are an indie rock band out of La Mirada, California. This is their song I Just Want To Go Away, from their debut LP New Ghost / Old Waves (Burger records 2011). Buy here.
I know nothing about Olympic Smiles except they released one sole single, Something's Pushing Me  (Slipped Discs 7” 1984). Here it is. Hope you like it.
Next up, a brilliant song I recently heard on a repeat of U.S. TV show “Chuck”. Daniel Zott and Living a Lie!, from his LP Let's Just Admit and The Self-proclaimed DISC 1 (self-released 2008). Buy here.
We conclude with a brace from one of 60s America’s greatest songwriters Phil Ochs, born El Paso Texas in 1940,  American folk singer/songwriter who was active throughout the 60s and 70s, but committed suicide in 1976. Brother of rock photographer Michael Ochs. He rivals Dylan and Paul Simon but is unjustly unknown compared to those two. First, we have the single version of album track I Ain't Marching Anymore (Alternate Version Elektra 7” 1966), which was a hit single here in the U.K. and then the excellent tile track from his fifth LP Tape From California (A&M 1968). Hope you like them, especially if he’s unknown to you. Until next week …