Music Box 22nd April 2023

We start with the legend that is Brigitte Bardot, with Ne Me Laisse Pas L’Aimer, the B-side of her single Moi Je Joue (Philips 7” 1964). Amazingly, this was her fifteenth single! Ooh la la!
I know nothing about British band The Roman Index, except they released only one fine single Revolution (1.2.3. Records 7” 1981).
Their Ocean were duo Jason and Keith, who met in marching band in 1991 at Evanston Township High School. This is Breathe, from their sole LP Skies Light Up (Organik Records 2XLP 2015). Buy here.
Now for something new. Tourist Activities (website) began as a two-piece making songs with just two electric guitars & a drum machine. This is Wrong Side (Den Tapes digital 2023). Buy here.
We conclude with a couple of great songs from The Kinks’ sixth (fifth studio) UK LP, the classic Something Else (Pye 1967). First, Two Sisters, and then we conclude with Love Me Till the Sun Shines. Enjoy these 60s greats! Oddly, it wasn’t a commercial success, probably because it came out after Sgt Pepper and wasn't pyschedelic. Until next week …