Music Box 29th April 2023

Christabel Dreams was created in Rome at the end of 2005. Christian Gatti (voice), Federico Viola (guitar) and Emmanuele Viola (bass and programming) had the aim to relive some gothic darkwave and new wave sound of the early 80's. Life That Never Was comes from their debut E.P. Christabel Dreams (self-released CDr 2007). Buy here.
The Ghetto Brothers were a gang (or club) and music group founded in New York City's South Bronx in the late 1960s. The gang eventually spread to much of the Northeastern United States. Like the Young Lords, they were involved in Puerto Rican nationalism, including, in the case of the Ghetto Brothers, an association with the then-new Puerto Rican Socialist Party. This gang had political motivation to uplift young Latino and Black men in the community. This is the soulful Girl From The Mountain, from their only release in their lifetime, the album Power-Fuerza (Salsa Records 1972). Re-released as a single B-side by Truth & Soul Records as recent as 2012.
The Outpatients were an 80s Irish band (see website). This is their sole single, Pearl (Danceline Records 7” 1989).
Pinback were an Indie rock band from San Diego, California. The band was formed in 1998 by singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow. This is the track Glide, from their fifth album Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence Limited 2012). Buy here.
Long overdue for a visit to the mysterious and mercurial world of The Fall, with two official videos. First, the cover of The Other Half’s 1966 garage classic Mr. Pharmacist (Beggars Banquet 7"/12" 1986), then we finish with Hit The North (Part 1) (Beggars Banquet 7”/12”/casse 1987). Brilliant. As John Peel says “always different, always the same”. Until next week …