Music Box 8th April 2023

Daughter are a London-based indie folk trio of Elena Tonra (vocals, guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar) and Remi Aguilella (drums). Starting life in 2010 as an outlet for the musings of Elena and Igor, then fellow class-mates studying music in college, they soon gained attention with their self-released four-track EP, His Young Heart, in April 2011, and The Wild Youth EP, which followed that October (around the same time as Remi joined the band). This is Love, from The Wild Youth EP (Communion Records 10”/CD 2011). Buy here.
I know nothing about Girl and Her Bad Mood, except perhaps they’re from Malaysia? This is the excellent 2013/Bluest Year I've Been, from the Bluest Year EP (self-released CD/digital 2022). Buy here.
Next up James & Evander, a synth pop duo out of California consisting of Adam Myatt and Glenn Jackson. This is Can't Forget, from their second LP Bummer Pop (Velvet Blue Music CD 2012). Buy here.
Where Gardens Fall released one three track 12" E.P. in their lifetime, but I prefer the track Search, actually from the Leamington Spa compilation Various – The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 1 (German release: TweeNet Communications, Bilberry Records, Firestation Tower Records 2000).
We conclude with a couple from the majestic musical force that was Manchester’s The Fall. First,  Kicker Conspiracy (Rough Trade 2X7” 1983), here from the Factory Ikon video Perverted By Language Bis (1983), re-released by Cherry Red. Then we conclude with the surrealist acid house violin of Arid Al's Dream, an unreleased out-take from 1992 Shift Work LP (included on the 2008 Universal Music multi-CD re-release) eventually seeing the light of day on the compilation Volume Four (World's End CD 1992) and LP Sinister Waltz (Receiver Records 1996). For an out-take, absolutely brilliant. Until next week …