Music of the Month (April 2023)

This year, at the end of the month, I’ll post the best new music from that month. So from April we have ... 

Annahstasia - Evergreen  Buy here
boygenius - Not Strong Enough  Buy here
Josienne Clarke – Anyone But Me  Buy here
An Eagle In Your Mind - Let Me Ride  Buy here
glow in the dark flowers - ON THE MARBLE  Buy here
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - The Do-Over  Buy here
V.V. Lightbody - Itinerary  Buy here
Lightweight Champion – Cowboys  Buy here
Moody Beaches - Crowded World  Buy here
Mother Juniper - These Little Animals  Buy here
The National - New Order T-Shirt  Buy here
Lael Neale - I Am The River  Buy here
Oceans – Pure  Buy here
Oracle Sisters - Tramp Like You  Buy here 
Photo Ops - The Dream Is Done  Buy here
The Reds, Pinks & Purples - Me & Magdalena (Monkees cover)  Buy here
Samia – Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)  Buy here
Taali - Is It Right?  Buy here
Tiny Ruins – Dorothy Bay  Buy here
Wednesday - Chosen To Deserve  Buy here