Music Box 24th June 2023

We start with the official lyric video for Chromatics title track to their seventh LP Kill For Love (Italians Do It Better 2012). Brilliant!
Next, an all-time classic, Back Street Luv (Warner Bros 7” 1971) by prog-rockers Curved Air, from their sophomore LP Second Album (Warner Bros 1971), yep that’s what it’s called!
Deception Bay were a post-punk/art-punk band from Boston, Massachusetts who eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California. This is the song Fortune Days, the title-track of their second LP Fortune Days (Independent Project Records 1991).
Next, an Unknown Garage Band. Nobody can place this song, but it’s a banger, She's Alright. She certainly is. Anyone know who this is? It’s not The Quakers or The Cinders.
Then we conclude with a duo from the brilliant British singer/songwriter Nick Drake . First, Thoughts of Mary Jane, from his debut LP Five Leaves Left (Island 1969), and the last track released while he was still alive, the haunting From The Morning, from his third LP Pink Moon (Island 1972). Until next week ...