Music Box 15th July 2023

The Brogues were a garage rock band formed in Merced, California, USA, active 1964 to 1965. This is I Ain't No Miracle Worker, the B-side to their second single Don't Shoot Me Down (Challenge 7” 1965). Brilliant!
Next up, Mancunian shoegaze band By Night with Spear, who released two EPs in their lifetime. From the second, Cypher (Self-Storage Recordings 2009), of which only 100 copies were pressed, here’s Suppose. 
Now for duo Jack & Eliza, and the charming pop of Quarter Past The Hour, from their sole LP Gentle Warnings (Yebo 2015).
Siddal were an ethereal group from Portsmouth, Virginia, comprised of the core duo of Elaine Winters (vocals, lyrics, keyboards) and Richard Brinkley (guitar, bass, programming). This is When The Wolf Comes, from their debut LP The Pedestal (Bedazzled 1995). After one more LP they split up.
We conclude with a Torres (website) double-bill. Born Mackenzie Scott in 1991 in Georgia, USA, she is one of the most interesting young US artists of recent years. First we have Dressing America, from her fourth LP Silver Tongue (Merge 2020), one of the albums of the year, then Don't Go Puttin Wishes in My Head, from her excellent follow-up Thirstier (Merge 2021). Brilliant. Until next week …