Music Box 29th July 2023

We start with Bikini Kill, an American feminist punk rock band from Olympia, Washington, formed in 1990 and disbanded in 1997. The band was known for having pioneered the riot grrrl movement. They reunited in 2019. This is Outta Me, from their fifth LP Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Bikini Kill Records 2014).
Next up, Marika Hackman (website), an English vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, and her song Itchy Teeth, from her third single, the Sugar Blind E.P. (Dirty Hit 2013).
I don’t know much about band Systems except they released two singles in the early  80s. This is Glare Of Lights, from the sampler LP Street To Street Volume Two (Open Eye Records 1981).
Originally intended as an outlet for Bauhaus guitarist Daniel Ash to record his more experimental material, Tones On Tail surfaced in 1982 with a self-titled 12" EP on 4AD Records. Fuelled on a steady diet of hash and Big Macs, this musical offshoot became the psychedelic and light-hearted antithesis of Bauhaus' gloom and doom reputation.  This is You, The Night and The Music, from their third single Burning Skies (Situation Two 7”/12” 1983).
We conclude with one of my favourite bands of the millennium, Boston band Quilt, who’ve been sadly silent for the last six years (I hope their subsequent solo releases don’t mean the band is over). Here’s their official videos for Arctic Shark (Mexican Summer 7” 2013) from their fourth LP Held In Splendor (sic) (Mexican Summer 2014), then we finish with Eliot St. from their fifth and sadly last LP Plaza (Mexican Summer 2016). They followed with an album remake of FJ McMahon’s 1969 album Spirit Of The Golden Juice. Until next week …