Music of the Month (June 2023)

This year, at the end of the month, I’ll post the best new music from that month. So from June we have ... 

a.s.o. – Falling Under  Buy here
Benedict Benjamin - Furlough Blues  Buy here
Sinj Clarke – Loverboy  Buy here
Dorotheo - Las Nubes  Buy here
FAUNAS – Avid  Buy here
Kristin Hersh – Dandelion  Buy here
The Julies – Symmetry  Buy here
The Parlor – Ecstasy You  Buy here
Shady Bug – Lizard  Buy here
Silver Car Crash - Pleasure Zone  Buy here
The Toads – Nationalsville  Buy here
Tough Age - Give It a Day  Buy here
Velvet Vision – Comfortable  Buy here
Weird Nightmare - She's the One  Buy here
Walk Home Drunk - Everything Takes Forever  Buy here
no video
Wye Oak - Every Day Like the Last  Buy here
Youth Sector - Won't Stop the Wheel  Buy here