Music Box September 23rd 2023

Alison's Halo is a band from Tempe, Arizona. Their sound, distinguished by dreamy vocals and loud, spacey guitars, is often also associated with shoegaze and dream pop, active: 1992–1998, they reformed in 2009. This is their debut single, Dozen (Independent Project Records 7" 1994).
Next up, American alternative rock classics Dinosaur Jr, and Severed Lips, from their debut LP Dinosaur (Homestead 1985).
This version of The Pollen hails from France, and here’s Hard Times, from their debut LP Contrasts (Danceteria France only 1988), produced by the legendary Adrian Borland of the Sound.
Spider Bags are a retro rock group from New Jersey, US, and this is the excellent Oxcart Blues, from their sixth and most recent album Someday Everything Will Be Fine (Merge 2018).
We conclude with the two extra New Order tracks from the Everything’s Gone Green import single (Factory Benelux 12” 1981 cat no. FBNL8), Cries & Whispers & Mesh. Brilliant early examples of their electro art pop. Until next week …