Music Box November 11th 2023

We start with a mystery to me, The Blues Inc. (not any of the bands known by that name) and Tell Me Girl, year unknown. Any information gratefully received.
Next up, The Durutti Column. and Lips That Would Kiss (Factory Benelux 12" 1980  cat no. FAC BN2-005).
Excuse 17 was a punk rock band from Olympia, Washington, US, that performed and recorded from 1993 to 1995. This is their song Watchmaker, from their second and last LP Such Friends Are Dangerous (Kill Rock Stars 1995).
Shoestrings were duo Mario and Rose who wrote, recorded and performed songs as Shoestrings from 1994 - 2000. Then they spent some time as Invisible Twin.- Here's their debut single Some Things Never Change (Sunday 7" 1994)
We conclude with Glasgow band The Wake (not to be confused with the heavy metal band of same name, as youtube has done). Here's a brace of excellent songs from them, first Something Outside ( Factory Benelux 12" 1983 cat no. FBN24), then the haunting Talk About The Past (Factory 7"/12" 1984 cat no. FAC88). Brilliant. Until next week ...