Music Box 20th January 2024

The Organ, a Canadian indie pop band formed in 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Brother, from sole LP Grab That Gun (Mint/Too Pure 2004)
Next, Slowdive - Sugar for The Pill, from LP Slowdive (Dead Oceans 2017)
Like last week, another unknown artist, with Will You Try To Make Me Happy (1969). Post script, discovered they're British band Juicy, and this track can be bought on Various – In King Solomon's Minds (Electric Sound Show Volume Two).
Eh maintenant, Sylvie Vartan, avec C'était Trop Beau (RCA 7" 1965)
We conclude with a brace from Manchester Factory act A Certain Ratio. First, Lucinda, from their third album Sextet (Factory 1982 cat no. FACT55). Then, There’s Only This, the B-side to single Life's A Scream (Factory 1984 12" cat no. FAC112). Until next week ...