Music Box 24th February 2024

We start with Mexican band Belafonte Sensacional and Segundo Acto de Destreza Juvenil, from their second LP Soy Piedra (Discos Cuchillo 2019). Buy here
Candace are an Indie rock / dream pop band from Portland via Minneapolis. Midnight Blue, from their debut  LP New Future (Found Object 2016).   
Next, Chantal Kelly (born Chantal Bassignani) and Je N'ai Jamais Vraiment Pleuré, from her third single, the Notre Prof’ D’Anglais E,P, (Philips 7" 1966), also collected on her sole album Interdit Aux Moins De 18 Ans (Philips 1967)
Solid Space were a Sci-Fi-inspired British early 80s synth-pop duo. This is track Contemplation, from their sole release, the cassette album Space Museum (In Phaze casse 1982). It finally got a vinyl release in 2012 in the U.S. and three years later here in the U.K.
We conclude with  two songs from husband & wife duo Ramases and Selket. Ramases, born Kimberley Barrington Frost, was a British psychedelic musician who released two cult albums in the early 1970s, and with his wife four singles. Here's both sides of their first single, Crazy One c/w Mind's Eye (CBS 7" 1968). Until next week ...