Music Box April 20th 2024

Air Miami were formed in the wake of Unrest's break-up, founded by Unrest's Bridget Cross and Mark Robinson. A few months later they became a quartet with the addition of drummer Mike Fellows and bassist Lauren Feldsher. This is Seabird, from their sole LP Me.Me.Me. (4AD 1995)
The Lost Tribe were a garage band from Dundalk, Maryland who released only one singe, Walk One Way (United Artists 7” 1968)
Now for something definitely weird but rather wonderful. Rexy were a UK new wave band formed in 1979. Here’s the title track from their sole LP Running Out of Time (Alien Records 1981)
A Riot Of Colour were based in North London's Swiss Cottage, UK in the mid 80’s. They released two singles and an E.P. Here’s second single Swallow (Everlasting 12” 1989), their last release
We conclude with indie legends Pixies, and the official videos for two of the three singles taken from their third LP Doolittle (4AD 1989), Here Comes Your Man (4AD all formats 1989), then we conclude with Debaser (4AD all formats 1997), released to promote a new compilation LP Death to the Pixies (4AD 1997) . Absolutely brilliant. Until next week …