Music of the Month (May 2024)

This year, at the end of the month, I’ll post the best new music from that month. So from May we have ... 

Aluminum (sic) – Everything  Buy here
American Culture - Let It Go (feat. Midwife)  Buy here
Bibi Club - Le Feu  Buy here
The Day – Nemesis  Buy here
The Garrys – Cakewalk  Buy here
Frank Lenz - Azidoazide  Buy here
lightheaded - Bright Happy Girls  Buy here
Magic Fig - PS1  Buy here
neutrals - That's Him On The Daft Stuff Again  Buy here
Jessica Pratt - The Last Year  Buy here
Maria Reis - Amor Serpente  Buy here
Soundtracks & Head - Red Sails  Buy here
Unwed Sailor - Blue Tangier  Buy here
Watchglass - I am a River  Buy here
Jane Weaver – Quantify  Buy here (no video, but limited number free listens on Bandcamp)